Saturday, 2 May 2009

New Mobile Phone

I finally managed to upgrade my mobile phone, after the N95 packed-up and I had to go back to the E61. Due to my liking for a QWERTY keyboard I went for the Nokia E71, this has nothing to do with they jealousy I showed when Gina upgraded to the same phone over 6 months ago.

Needless to say, the phone does not disappoint. The battery life is great, considering the use the phone has had in the past week. There really isn't much more to add - especially as there is so much software available for the phone as well.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Drive Time?

If you're stuck for something to listen to on the radio either this afternoon or tomorrow - I'm on Phoenix FM presenting Drive. Feel free to join me in the chatroom, online at of on 98.0fm in West Essex. From 3-7pm UK time.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

St George's Day Update

I appreciate I haven't posted much here recently. Most of my updates now are done via Twitter, of which my most recent 'tweets' will tell you when I'm on Phoenix fm (Saturday from 4-6pm and Monday and Tuesday next week from 3-7pm).

The 5speedcassette Podcast was uploaded last night and can be seen in video at - during which I received the following tweet from somebody claiming to be Murray Walker (at least I thought it was him):-

“BBC asked me to return to the commentary box. Legard’s let the pressure of replacing James Allen get to him. Send your support to Jonathan!”

I'm looking forward to the Bahrain Grand Prix and hoping to upgrade my mobile phone tomorrow, so life's still exciting!

Friday, 27 March 2009

Start of the F1 Season on the Radio

After taking a week off, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's Saturday Kickabout on Phoenix FM.

As it's the start of the F1 season I'll be looking forward to Sunday morning's race. There will be the small matter of an England football match to contend with as well as the usual previews and score updates from Brentwood, Billericay and the surrounding areas.

As well as the sport, the music will include an acoustic session from the first ever unsigned band to get an album in the Billboard top 100, The Boxer Rebellion. The live music will be at 5pm. As usual you can tune in by following the links online at

Saturday, 14 March 2009


It's exactly a year since I signed up for Twitter, which at the time very few people seemed to know about. Since then I've updated my status only 432 times, mainly using, so I'm hardly a major player like Stephen Fry.

I do, however, find Twitter to be very useful especially during the sport show as it has been a valid source of immediate and continually updated information when I'm on air. I also have far more followers than I could have imagined a year ago, sitting at 107 as I type.

I wouldn't say I'm looking down my nose and sneering at people who are recent converts to Twitter, especially as it seems to be the current big thing, it's just that I'm still finding it useful especially as the poeple I follow seem to have something usefull to add.

As usual, I'm back on the radio from 4pm so feel free to follow me and tweet a few questions during this month's community football surgery on Phoenix FM.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

4 Weeks until the Australian Grand Prix

I am pleased that there are now only 4 weeks to go until the Formula One season begins in ernest with the Australian Grand Prix. This means I'll be starting the predictions for each race over at

If you are interested in F1 racing, I would recommend having a go at predicting the results over at F1Wolf in order to add a bit more fun for each race weekend. All the rules and details on deadlines along with an explaination of the scoring are on the website.

In case you wonder if there's a catch, I can assure you there isn't after winning the competition last year and receiving an iPod Nano and three bottles of Mumm Champagne along the way in 2008, so I'm drinking to the 2009 season already.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Loving the iPod

I took the step and bought an iPod Classic last week, which is something I never thought I'd do. After years of doing discos with my full music collection on a PC, I can now carry the collection on one of Steve Job's 120GB gems - the video is great as well. I have to thank F1 Wolf for inspiring me as the iPod Nano I won in the F1 Prediction League has been used by Gina almost daily since.

The fact that I no longer spend weekends playing the same cheesy requests means I have got my love for music back - with some of my recent plays uploaded to

Shuggie Otis – Aht Uh Mi Hed
4 Hours – 4Hours
Terry Callier – You Goin' Miss Your Candyman full track
The Dramatics – Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get full track
Ann Sexton – You've Been Gone Too Long
Terry Callier – Sign Of The Times
R.E.M. – The Outsiders (alternate version)

Feel free to add me as a friend on or Twitter. My username is steverobbo.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Death of the UK Music Charts?

I appear to be ignoring the blog. I can make excuses like I don't have much time, but the truth is probably that I don't have much to say.

That said, I have been surprised to find that the latest single and album releases from The Boxer Rebellion are not eligible for inclusion in the UK charts from the amount of downloads (even though they are in the top 10 on the iTunes chart) because they are not signed to a record label and therefore haven't released a cd version of the album or single.

Isn't this just the record companies protecting their vastly crumbling empires, or have I got it completely wrong?

Thursday, 25 December 2008

It's Christmas

A very Merry Christmas and a happy 2009 from the Robbo household.

If you were once a regular reader to this blog, you'll be aware I don't upate the page as regularly as I used to, ever since a two-hour radio show took up a lot of my time. I am still updating my Twitter presence regularly, so feel free to add steverobbo as a contact.

If you wish to hear me on the radio over the Christmas period, I am on Phoenix FM at the following dates (all times are GMT):-

Christmas Day - Midday
Boxing Day - 2PM
Saturday 27 Dec - 4PM
New Year's Day - 4PM

Join me every Saturday for the heady mixture of sport and music in Essex. The show goes out live from 4-6pm on 98.0FM in Essex or online at

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Nearly December - Christmas Already?

As I am in Brentwood every Saturday, it was nice to drive from East to West Essex with a car full of people. Gina, came with me along with her sister Angela and the boys. This was for the switching on of the town centre Christmas lights, with the soundstage being provided by Phoenix FM.

Gloria Hunniford did the honours followed by some fireworks. I missed it all as I was on the radio at the time. I'm told Gloria was very nice and even said hello to Angela as she signed her book in Waterstone's.

The lights in Brentwood spurred Gina on to put all the decorations up this morning and the house is now a lovely Christmas scene. I think I'm old-fashioned as it still seems a bit early for me, putting the decorations up in November. Then again, it'll be December tomorrow (where has the year gone?).