Thursday, 3 April 2008

Bahrain Grand Prix Preview

Another weekend, another grand prix. This one will be at a more respectable time for Europeans, though. With Lewis Hamilton a mere four points in front of three other drivers, it really could be anyone's race for the taking. As usual, I'll be posting my predictions over at F1 Wolf , who kindly sent me the pictured Lewis Hamilton baseball cap after heading the table in the first round (I'm currently second, a point behind the leader).

To choose between the McLarens and the Ferraris won't be easy. The fact that BMW will be hoping to continue their run of good form will also be good for the race this weekend. A very difficult race to call, even if all 22 cars manage the first corner without incident.

On the negative side, it looks like being another season where Formula One is hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons. I just hope certain news stories don't dominate the tabloid headlines for much longer and the driving and excitement of the sport dominates the coverage of this weekend's race. At least Max Mosley will be able to read the latest scandal in the News of the World at home after taking the advice not to travel to the grand prix. If Mosley was a Member of Parliament, his party would be putting a lot of pressure on him to resign his post

More off the track stories are being featured before anyone even starts an engine, with rumours of Alonso exercising an 'opt-out clause' from Renault, and replacing Massa before the season is up. BMW and Mercedes' joint announcement prompting some reaction from the head of the FIA, and further press releases from both Honda and Toyota. The dust should settle as the teams get on with the job in hand.

The first prediction I'm prepared to make is that Max Mosely will jump before he's pushed.


Remi said...

Go Alonso ...

Although I am afraid 8th might be the best he could get

F1Wolf said...

I see the cap did not get lost in that Heathrow mess :-)

steverobbo said...

Thanks F1wolf. I've yot to take a picture of me wearing it, though.