Sunday, 6 April 2008

Bahrain Grand Prix

A great race for Ferrari, and disappointment for McLaren. The constructors' championship is certainly to be more of a three-way race, with three points between Ferrari, BMW and McLaren.

Incident and accidents, including Coulthard (is it just me who thinks the Red Bull team have the mirrors in a daft place?) and Button. Although the main incident of the day was between Alonso and Hamilton - which I will be very interested to hear the drivers' opinion on, as it seemed a strange part of the circuit for such an accident to occur.

A well deserved win for Massa, with Ferrari aiming high. I certainly didn't predict such a win, and actually feel foolish for predicting a Hamilton win over at F1 Wolf's Prediction Game.


thot said...

I don't know if I could translate it well: Alonso said to the spanish press that the accident with Hamilton was accidentally. Hamilton run very much faster than Alonso and hit. That had not influence in the Alonso's result because he was veryyyy slow, 8th of 11 teams.

steverobbo said...

You summed it up well, thot.

It does seem that the pressure got to Lewis, with three mistakes he admitted to:-
The crash on Friday.
Activating the anti-stall at the start.
Trying to second guess Alonso (Ron Dennis' words).

Roll on Barcelona, for more excitement.

F1Wolf said...

well, not McLaren's day. even Heikki managed to shoot himself in the foot, twice. First outbreaking himself when he was ahead of Kimi. Then flatspotting the tyre that messed up his whole first stint ... At least he did not hit anybody else :-)

What is Coulthard's agenda for 2008 ? To shoot every other driver off the track probably :-)

steverobbo said...

I may be making excuses for Coulthard, especially as Webber had quitre a good race, but the Red Bull's mirrors don't seem to be very effective on that car - especially when compared with the Torro Rossos.