Tuesday, 20 May 2008

3 Mobile - Fair Use Policy

Gina has mentioned on her blog previously how much she likes her phone, and the availability of the internet whilst she's commuting is very handy during an hour-long train journey. However, I was surprised when she received a text message from Three stating she had reached her data allowance. I checked the data counter on her Nokia E61 and then called Three Customer Services. The text message from 3Alerts reads as follows:-

'From 3:you've reached your allowance under the 3 Fair Use Policy. http://mobile.three.co.uk/837_sc You may be cut off if you use more data before 01/06/08'

As there is no return option, just a link, this seems less like a scam and more like some error on Three's part, albeit unusual
as this is advertised as 1GB of use each month and Gina has only recently received a bill.

Customer Services were very little use, stating that there are a few technical issues and I should check the data by going to their mobile portal from the phone. This is of very little use because doing this on X-Series Silver gives the following for date
'Sorry, there is no data usage for this mobile'.

Three Customer Services could give me no further advise than wait 24 hours. I'm wondering how many other customers are being caught out by this with very little explaination from the network. Needless to say, I'll be keeping an eye on my own data usage in future.

Just to add, I've now received the message myself. Something seems seriously wrong with Three's billing systems.


Andy CM said...

Stumbled accross your blog the other day while searching for info on the 'Fair Use limit reached' text message - I too was bamboozled by this - I recieved a message telling me that if I used any more date by a certain date I could be cut off. I duly waited until that date, then about five days after that date (after barely using any more data) I got the same message again! I'm on X-Series Gold.

Also, on seeing you blog, I was pleasently surprised to see you are a fellow Shrimper! :-)

steverobbo said...

Thanks andy. Let's hope next season is consistant enough for Tilly's lads.

Anonymous said...

I also received this message last night, and had a pretty unhelpful conversation with customer services where they claimed this had never happened before (clearly a lie from this), and told me to wait a couple of days whilst they investigate.
I am about a week into my billing month and normally use about 100 meg a month... but my data counter does say i have receieved 1.37gb and also has log duration 30 days under settings which is odd as i have no idea how i would have used this much

Anonymous said...

1.37gb usage was since i had phone - not last 30 days

3 apparently have problems where this message is sent out in error - but their customer services team deny this when you get through to them. Outcome is ignore the message!