Saturday, 7 June 2008

Canadian Grand Prix Qualifying

It's been quite a busy day(more news on that soon), but I stall managed to find time to watch the qualifying, and possibly the best qualifying lap of the season (the BBC described Hamilton's pole lap as devastating).

Hamilton seems to have found the confidence to keep to within an inch of the barriers and practically take-off whilst setting the fastest lap. Kubica alongside the championship leader and the fastest Ferrari in 3rd place with Raikkonen sharing the 2nd row with Alonso.

Rosberg did very well to qualify 5th alongside the Ferrari of Massa. Kovalainen was on harder tyres and qualified seventh. Heidfeld in eighth resulting in the fourth row mirroring the front row.

As long as the track doesn't crack-up too much it should be a very exciting race, six o clock in the evening here in the UK.

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