Monday, 18 August 2008

Pure Highway

In order to listen to the sport on 5 Live with much better quality than the current AM offering, I purchased the Pure Highway in-car DAB adapter. What with the Olympics, and the fact that most of the stations in Southend play the same music, It's what I've been waiting for.

For £55 (including delivery) you get a DAB receiver, in-car power
supply and windscreen mounted arm and aerial. The radio will also work with headphones outside of the car when using batteries.

Whilst the unit is receiving DAB broadcasts in-car the radio will transmit on FM (RDS readout shows as PURE DAB). There is a 3.5mm stereo input socket to allow the transmitter to re-broadcast the output from any portable audio device such as an mp3 player. The FM frequency can be changed automatically or manually across the FM band - very handy with the amount of pirates in London.

Practically, the windscreen-mounted aerial works well enough in the corner of the screen. I also noticed the location of the wire feeding the receiver is important as well. The signal strength and quality can be monitored - and I set up the optimum location for the active aerial by tuning the Highway to a weaker digital network.

Other features include ReVu technology, allowing you to pause and rewind live radio. The firmware is also upgradable via the mini-USB socket which also acts as a power input.

The unit has everything I have wanted, so far being all it was advertised and more. The true test will be a longer journey, although driving from Romford to Southend via Brentwood the signal didn't crack-up once on the BBC national network. Time will tell if this is indicative of the receiver in other areas of the UK.

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