Tuesday, 28 October 2008

No Publicity is Bad Publicity?

As one of the local radio stations has taken their breakfast presenters off air, in what I presume is a publicity stunt. The main story on the news is currently Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross's treatment of 78 year-old Andrew Sachs (in what was a recorded show). Questions have been raised in Parliament and Gordon Brown has even entered the debate.

It seems a sad state of affairs that people are talking about the 'Martin and Sue' Essex FM breakfast show, and possibly being made aware of its existance, because they are not on air. By the same token, Russell Brand's show is likely to have a lot of new listeners this weekend (if the presented doesn't take an enforced break) due to the Radio 2 being advertised on the news.

This sort of thing wouldn't have happened in the days of Jimmy Young and John Dunn, but then I'm nearly 40. Then again, Terry Wogan's still getting a fair few listeners on the former Light Programme and he's hardly controversial.

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