Saturday, 14 March 2009


It's exactly a year since I signed up for Twitter, which at the time very few people seemed to know about. Since then I've updated my status only 432 times, mainly using, so I'm hardly a major player like Stephen Fry.

I do, however, find Twitter to be very useful especially during the sport show as it has been a valid source of immediate and continually updated information when I'm on air. I also have far more followers than I could have imagined a year ago, sitting at 107 as I type.

I wouldn't say I'm looking down my nose and sneering at people who are recent converts to Twitter, especially as it seems to be the current big thing, it's just that I'm still finding it useful especially as the poeple I follow seem to have something usefull to add.

As usual, I'm back on the radio from 4pm so feel free to follow me and tweet a few questions during this month's community football surgery on Phoenix FM.

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